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Everyone loves a great story, and some of us are better narrators than others. When you’re ready to take your Washington DC brand to the next level, or your company’s plotline has become murky or muddled, Segal Communications is here to tell your better, fresher story.

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The creative team at Segal Communications is diverse, but we all have one thing in common – a passion for telling great stories and harnessing that energy to catalyze positive growth.


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Whether you’re looking to make a big noise about an event, find your branding message, or need help with crisis communications, we’re your Washington DC PR team ready to help!

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Benefits of Hiring a PR Firm

Most companies start out using DIY public relations, and that makes perfect sense. Smartly budgeting initial start-up costs and expenses, and learning a bit about what works and what doesn’t, is the right approach. Once your brand takes off, however, there is no way to do your own PR and continue meeting the demands of a growing business. That’s when a professional PR Firm makes all the difference.

Once your brand is ready for a PR firm, you’ll immediately reap the benefits:

Sculpting your image

It’s easy to get excited about every aspect of your business, and you should. However, this can lead to a fuzzy image that moves in chaotic directions. Instead of remaining focused, consistent, and oriented towards target audience members and niche prospects, scattered or random publicity and social media shares yield blurred images that leave prospects confused.

A PR firm is an objective partner and ally. We streamline the content and images you share with the world, creating a more finessed, clear, and sculpted impression.

Generating consistent media buzz, action, and attention

Remember when you first launched your website and blog? They were so active! Blog posts and social media engagement were daily occurrences – because you had more time on your hands. If your last blog was posted in a previous year, or your latest Facebook post covered an event taking place last month, your brand is static and lethargic.

PR firms change that around. We keep your newly sculpted image in the spotlight via stories, letting the world know you are innovative, interesting, and continuously in motion.

Optimized, recurring, top-tier media exposure

Odds are you don’t have the media connections you need to reap the benefits of top-tier media coverage on a daily or weekly basis. The edgy fact of the matter is that who you know really does matter, and our Washington DC PR firm knows all the right people.

Segal Communications is connected to the area’s best-known and more highly followed editors, influencers, producers, and journalists. We feed them images and content created by our network of professional photographers, videographers, and designers – bringing your brand and its campaigns to life.

An objective perspective on your reality

You should be excited about every idea you have, everything you do, and every event you attend. However, the most successful brands have PR firms that  know what to share and how much to share it, breaking through the constant white noise of digital communication and media. Professional discernment ensures the stories in the spotlight are more likely to hook prospects.

We take that discernment a step further, helping your team plan and attend the events and activities that will be the most newsworthy for audiences in the future.

We tidy up messes

Hiring a PR firm after the splat is not ideal. Brands fare best when working in an existing PR partnership. That way, we know you, we get you, and – equally important – we understand your audience members. Pus, we’re experts at cleaning up messes by righting the spills immediately and supporting you as you mop up your side of the street. We have the creative wiles to leverage contacts and reframe a fresh, new story that gets back into your followers’ good graces.

If, however, you’ve hedged on hiring a PR firm and find yourself with a mess to clean up, we are more than happy to swoop down and get to work. In fact, we admit, we thrive on 911-level brand crises. Once the hoopla dies down, your channels are clear, and we’ve refocused audience members’ attention, we’ll rebuild your brand to be better than ever.

Experienced PR Launches Brands to New Heights

If you’re investing in a PR firm, make that investment count. Choose a PR firm that has the creativity and experience required to take your brand to new levels. The agency should have media and industry connections that resonate with your brand and, most importantly, make sure you feel confident in their pitch and their follow-thru. You are forming a partnership, and the goal is to maintain that relationship for a lifetime of wins.

Shine the Spotlight On Your Brand

Segal Communications is an experienced Washington DC public relations agency. We cannot wait to shine the spotlight on your brand and show you how solid PR makes all the difference in brand awareness, recognition, and forward momentum. Contact us and start shining.

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