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Segal Communications is a San Francisco-based public relations firm that understands great stories and high-quality coverage is essential to gaining the top tier media coverage needed to rise above your competitors. 

The creative team has its fingers in a vast array of PR pies, including the editors, influencers, producers, and journalists who will keep your brand front and center in the eyes of primary target markets and Prospects. 

Our clients benefit from a consistent, top-tier presence in daily news sources and online meccas to ensure your brand remains in the spotlight. San Francisco has some of the most well-respected PR firms in the industry, and we’re proud to stand among them. 

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Whether you're looking to make a big noise about an event, find your branding message, or need help with crisis communications, we're your San Francisco PR team ready to help!

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Tell compelling stories your audiences can’t get enough of

Humans have loved a great story since the emergence of language. Stories anchor us to our roots, our values, our hopes, and our dreams. Leveraging those roots, values, and dreams in your brand’s story grabs the attention of target market audiences, compelling them to learn more about you, your products and your services. 

Here at Segal Communications, our award-winning and experienced team work diligently and creatively to capture the golden threads of our clients’ stories, spinning them into marketable tidbits that engage prospects, clients, and customers.  

Our PR firm rides waves of innovation and change 

The way consumers absorb stories has gone through a rapid evolution over the past two decades. While paper printed content and TV ads are still relevant, P.R. firms must be able to ride the waves of continuous innovation and change.  Our creative team has a wide range of experience and has worked in all of the PR realms that matter most.  

We got our starts in newsrooms, top-name magazine staffs, creative direction and management teams for digital movers and shakers, and the offices of major industry influencers. Now, we have taken our decades of experience and combined our talents to create a San Francisco PR agency “Dream Team. 

We get excited by what’s coming next – and how to keep your brand in sync with the future – so you’re never left behind in the antiquated doldrums.  

We’re there for you in print, on-screen, and in a crisis 

Segal Communications utilizes the gamut of paper print, screens, mainstream ads, and the sea of social media channels to promote, adapt, and reshape your story as needed. Whether you’re launching the next big campaign, forging new ground with social media followers, or recovering from a crisis, we’re here for you every step of the way. 

After learning your brand like the back of your hands, we’ll utilize our network of professional photographers, videographers, and designers to bring campaigns to life — brilliantly and beautifully. 

Are you ready to work with a San Francisco PR firm dream team who will make a splash, and then keep those waves of positive publicity rolling into audiences’ shores? Contact us here at Segal Communications and join our family of successful brandsYou’ll enjoy top tier media coverage on a daily basis and the positive brand associations you depend on to grow brand recognition locally and globally. 

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