A Los Angeles Public Relations Agency that Nourishes Star-Level Brands

The team at Segal Communications has the talent, experience, and creativity to nourish stars or star-worthy brands into the spotlight. Whether you are in the entertainment industry and look forward to your own Hollywood Blvd star, your brand is an up-and-coming brand in need of strategic PR support, or your existing brand needs a relevant and positive new spin, the Segal Communications powerhouses are ready to direct your story.

Anyone living and working in Los Angeles knows that your public image and compelling narrative are everything, and that’s what sets us apart from other public relations agencies. Our team is comprised of born storytellers, and we love nothing more than to learn all about our clients as we bring their story to life.

Captivate Audiences With Compelling Stories & Media Spotlighting

First, there’s your existing story, and it’s a good one. Then, the right storytellers come along to take that core narrative and adorn it with hook-worthy, attention-garnering details and nuance. You know; the stuff that keeps audiences spellbound. Finally, well-placed connections and creative, strategic planning propels the story front-and-center -into the spotlight – so popular editors, influencers, producers, and journalists broadcast it to the world.

That success story is yours if you choose the right Los Angeles public relations firm, trusting your brand to their expertise. Segal Communications is just that kind of PR team, and we’re ready to captivate your target audiences via compelling stories and savvy media spotlighting.

It Starts with a Creative & Connected PR Dream Team

Our team is exactly that. Segal Communications has a diverse dream team roster with the connections required to get your headlines, photos, and brand campaigns on the front page and center stage.

It is both what and who you know that makes things happen here in LA. We have both of those boxes checked. Our team members have impeccable work experience through previous work in newsrooms, as brand directors for trendsetting lifestyle labels, and as contributors and editors of top fashion magazines. We are internationally recognized writers and columnists, and most of us have years or decades’ worth of PR, advertising and marketing prowess under our belts.

As a result of that impeccable experience, Segal Communications enjoys collaborative relationships with the entertainment industry’s best photographers, videographers, scriptwriters, and media influencers. Those connections are key to ensuring your story gets told in all the right places, nurturing its growth with frequent top-tier media attention.

And, because we understand the value of strong connections, we actively work 24-7 to help our clients and their brands develop that same level of strong connectivity and engagement with their key prospects, as well as their existing client and follower base.

Segal Communications Aligns with Clients to Support their Careers

Public relations consultants have a range of capacities used to support clients and their careers.

Launch Your Brand With Personality (and plenty of press)

Have you taken your brand as far as it can go via DIY PR work or the “help” of a less-qualified and less integrated PR firm?? We’ll meet your brand where it’s at and continue to amplify stories that celebrate your personality, transmitting your energy, style, and nuance to your ideal target audience and key influencers.

Our team is happy to partner with your existing marketing team to streamline approaches, or to our in-house marketing pros will take over the creation of your content, visual, and social media campaigns. We will ensure you are generating all the right headlines and buzz feeds, for all of the right reasons.

Sculpt and protect your public image

Even the most naturally attractive stars rely on expert fashion, hair and makeup teams to optimize their public image. That is exactly what your LA PR team does for your overall brand. We’ll sculpt your public image by adeptly creating, editing, and reframing your relevant story, and we’ll protect where and how that story is told to maintain and develop a positive brand reputation.

We know how to strategically manipulate press, media, entertainment, and industry influencers, so you are always a bright spot on their radar. And, that also gives us savvy positioning if and when you require crisis management – stopping harmful images, messages, or someone else’s stories about you from reaching the public eye.

Maintain top-ranked status and position

Once your image is public, it’s up to your PR team to take that image and keep it vibrating at the top of followers’ lists. Whether you’re an entertainment industry mover and shaker, or you are the next up and coming restauranteur or tech company, we’ll focus on what needs to be written, said, promoted, or attended to keep your brand visible.

Reframe plots that go off-script (aka, “crisis management”)

While it’s true that everybody is human, and all humans make mistakes, the public craves brands they can respect and trust. They demand ethical stories and prefer barely-flawed heroes and heroines. Even the most loyal brand followers and promoters become instantly vicious and distant at the first sign that mistakes were made, scandals are in progress, or your human plot line veered off script. When that happens, it’s time for a PR firm that excels at crisis management.

That means we take the “whoopsie” or even the most major gaffes by the horns and redirect media attention. At the same time, we stand by and support your brand’s story and outcome as we creatively get it back on track. Let’s face it; Los Angeles is a competitive market and it can be a fiercely harsh environment out here.

That is why every star-level brand has a crisis management team at the ready. We manage spills, clean up splats, and all the while we work to spin new tales,  redirecting public attention to your fresh and reframed script. The new and reinvented stories we tell, share, and promote will get your brand back into the public’s good graces.

Reinvigorate a stale or outdated brand

Some brands need help to launch to the next stratosphere of awareness and success. Others grow out of their original brand or the brand they originally developed simply doesn’t represent their new company, product, or service culture. In that case, it’s time to write a Part 2, and that may even mean re-branding with a whole new look, style, and language to resonate more strongly with newly identified target markets and niches.

If that’s the case for you, Segal Communications will take what’s valuable and meaningful from your original incarnation and then reinvigorate it with a more relevant look and feel.

Are you ready to partner with a Los Angeles public relations agency that will launch your brand into the spotlight? Contact us here at Segal Communications. We’re ready to make you a household name!

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