Our Bay Area Public Relations Agency Tells the Story Your Audiences Want to Hear

Segal Communications is a PR firm founded with the awareness that creative genius is at the heart of the stories that compel contemporary audiences. We’re not afraid to claim that creative genius is exactly what we offer our Bay Area clients when they’re ready to launch, grow, or resurrect their brand in the public eye.

Our team has stellar experience in the arenas of public relations, marketing, digital, and creative realms, and we put that experience to work for you day in and day out, telling authentic stories. These are the stories that built rapport and connection between your brand and its prospects and customers. Let us help you to shine in their eyes.

A Good PR Firm Catalyzes Positive Brand Momentum

Ultimately, the stories we tell through imaging, content, and getting your brand in front of the region’s top editors, influencers, producers, and journalists will catalyze your company’s momentum in the right direction. We are known for taking new brands and launching them into the world with a compelling and golden glow, and for revamping tired brands to make them relevant and vibrant again.

Not only that, but the savvy Segal Communications team also loves nothing more than the challenge of taking a brand in crisis under our wing, resurrecting it again to its former glory – all via heartfelt, genuine images, content, and campaigns build brand awareness, understanding, and loyalty.

Top Tier Coverage Promotes Consumer Awareness & Recognition

Did you know it takes the average consumer between five and seven (5 and 7) views to connect your logo with your brand? When you consider all of the white noise out there in the daily social media chatter, it is easy to understand why PR firms work diligently to create content that achieves top tier coverage on a daily basis.

Segal Communications gets our clients regular, top tier coverage by partnering with a network of professional photographers, videographers, and designers to bring your campaigns to life — brilliantly and beautifully. Whether you’re featured in your industry’s most recognized magazine, interviewed in the local news, or invited to speak as an expert on a popular podcast or news segment, the Segal team promises to use all of the marketing and communication channels out there so your consumers have far more than five or seven opportunities to engage with your brand.

We achieve top tier coverage and recognition for your brand in a variety of ways:

Public Relations: Stories the public can relate to

Public relations is all about the relationship the public has with your brand. Do they recognize you? Do they feel they know you? Are they compelled to follow you and interact with you? Do they trust you?

If the answers to these questions feel mysterious or hard to gauge, or if you feel the answer to any of them may be, “not really,” it’s past time to work with a Bay Area PR firm who can change all that. We’re ready to help your audience gain clarity and affinity for who you are and how your products and services add value to their lives.

Creative Services: We offer you the most creative minds in the Bay Area PR world

Old-school tricks and techniques don’t cut it anymore. You need to partner with PR pros who are as creative and original as they come. A quick perusal of the Segal Communications Team’s credentials, and you’ll know at once that our creative minds are a powerful ally for achieving your brand’s goals.

Fluid PR & Marketing Streams: We’re happy to work in partnership with your marketing team

While PR isn’t the same as marketing, the communication streams need to be clear and in collaboration between both your PR agency and your marketing team.

We’ll work cooperatively with your in-house team or a contracted marketing agency to ensure our visions are aligned and that your campaigns, content, and promotions are always in sync. We’ll optimize your brand’s presence via ground-breaking news sites, digital media communications, websites, blogs, and social media campaigns, so your network and larger audience are inspired to share your story.

Crisis Management & Brand Revival: It’s all about communication

It can feel like an in-house scandal, or a recent crisis has all but eliminated your brand, but that’s simply not the case. We can name a dozen mainstream corporate brands that seemed to have met the worst and then come out the better for it. It’s all about communication, and lots of it. So, make sure you have the right PR team on your side when it’s time to tell your brand’s new story.

Are you ready to grow your brand – and it’s following – bigger, bolder, and more irresistible than ever? Work with Segal Communications, and we will make sure your brand revels in the spotlight.